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South Carolina Gamecocks hot and spicy foods

Origin of South Carolina Gamecocks Team Nickname The team name is held in honor of Thomas Sumter, a South Carolina Revolutionary Wr hero. Sumter was nicknamed the “Carolina Gamecock” after British General Banastre Tarleton said Sumter “fought like a gamecock.” A gamecock is a breed of rooster possessing physical and behavioral

Miami Hurricanes hot and spicy foods

Origin of Miami Hurricanes Team Nickname The University of Miami athletics began with a freshman football team in 1926. The origin of the team nickname isn’t clear, but it could be partialy due to the outstanding team performance for the season. The first game was played on

Wisconsin Badgers hot and spicy foods

Origin of Wisconsin Badgers Team Nickname Wisconsin was nicknamed the “Badger State” because of lead miners who first settled there in the 1820s and 1830s. Lacking winter shelter theses heaty individauals had to live like badgers in tunnels burrowed into hillsides.Badgers made their dens in burrors that they dug out

West Virginia Moutaineers hot and spicy foods

Origin of West Virginia Moutaineers Team Nickname The West Virginia Mountaineers is the name of the university’s athletic teams. The Mountaineers nickname was coined in 1905 created after West Virginia’s state motto, “Mountaineers are Always Free.” Before 1905 the team was known as the “Snakes.”        

Virginia Tech Hokies hot and spicy foods

Origin of Virginia Tech Hokies Team Nickname Gobblers Virginia Tech fans have referred to their athletic teams by the nickname Fighting Gobblers since early in the 20th century. Several claims have been made concerning the name origin. One states that the name began in 1909, when then football coach Branch