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Will Gilmour garden hoses be the last hoses you’ll ever buy?

  Quality is what you expect when you buy lawn and garden hoses .With Gilmour garden and water hoses, quality is something you’ll never worry about, because Gilmour has been developing and improving watering hoses since Robert Gilmour founded the company in 1949. Their motto is “The

TeleBrands 7809 Pocket Hose Ultra review

  TeleBrands 7809 Pocket Hose Ultra is three times stronger than the Pocket Hose  Lugging a heavy garden hose around the yard can be the least favorite chore, because garden watering is a daily task endlessly repeated. That’s why TeleBrands 7809 Pocket Hose Ultra can make your home

All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew review

  This is the book I mentioned in my introduction to my Grow Your Own category here on my site. The great thing about Square Foot Gardening is that it’s written in plain English and with a friendly, folksy style, that’s easy on the eyes, and not

Introducing Growing Hot Chili Peppers

  I enjoy hot sauces and salsas more so since I started growing hot chili peppers in my patio garden. Growing your own chili is a better alternative to buying chili in your local Mega Mart’. Their definition of “fresh” hot chili peppers and veggies is lousy. Displays present dead,

What does the Scoville Scale have to do with hot sauce heat?

  Nearly everyone knows that chili peppers pack a hot punch as measured by the Scoville Scale. But have you ever wondered how this scale was developed? Modern-day scientists and chili plant growers have one man to thank for developing a scientific test to measure the spicy