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MU logo Origin of Miami Hurricanes Team Nickname

The University of Miami athletics began with a freshman football team in 1926. The origin of the team nickname isn’t clear, but it could be partialy due to the outstanding team performance for the season.

The first game was played on October 23, 1926. Miami clobbered Rollins College with a 7-0 win.

The team went 8–0 record for its inaugural season. After two winsagainst rival teams the first Hurricane football game was played on New Year’s Day against Howard at Miami’s University Stadium.

The team adopted the official nickname “Hurricanes,” somewhere along the way. Some theories about the nickname origin states sthat it referred to the devastating power of the 1926 “Great Miami” hurricane. Others think it was suggested by a player in response to rumors that the university wanted to name the team after local flora or fauna. And that’s a good thing ‘cause the Miami Crocodiles just doesn’t have the same impact.


Sebastian_the_ibis_logo 1 Miami Hurricanes Mascot
The Miami Hurricanes mascot is Sebastian the Ibis. The ibis was selected as mascot because it’s the last animal to flee an approaching hurricane and the first to reappear after the storm passes. Folklore claims other birds look to the Ibis for leadership since the Ibis has great instincts to detect danger of an appraoching hurricane hits, and giving warning that danger is imminent. The Ibis remains a symbol of leadership and courage

In 1950 The Miami Hurricanes first official mascot was a 65-pound brown and white boxer dog named Hurricane I.

Sebastian first appeared in 1957. Sebastian wears a Miami Hurricanes football jersey, number 0. He was originally named “Icky” but was renamed after San Sebastian Hall which became a dorm in 1939. 300px-Sebastian_the_Ibis 2

in 1989 Sebastian was tackled and arrested by police officers as he attempted to extinquish Chief Osceola’s flaming spea with a fire extinguisher while wearing a fireman’s helmet and yellow raincoat. When an officer made a grab for the fire extinguisher, Sebastian sprayed him in the chest. Sebastian was initially handcuffed by four officers who quickly released him when they realized how silly they appeared arresting a bird.


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