Low Heat hot sauces 60-999 Scoville Units – Flavors and Fun

Go low, wayyyyy low
This is the hot sauce category where you can find flavor and fun but very little heat. These Low Heat hot sauces range from 60 to 999 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), well below that of an average Jalapeno at 6,250 SHU.

burning match This means you can freely try them in all recipes, as a condiment on a variety of prepared foods, in sandwiches, on hot dogs and burgers, sprinkled in salads, mixed with pasta dishes, or in yet undiscovered taste combinations without concerns about burning your lips and tongue.

Mix and match
Get a selection and perform your own taste tests on each to see what works for you and your family. Mix and match them too. Works for me.

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At the end of this introduction is a list with clickable links of Low Heat hot sauces. They are available as single items, packaged gift sets or multiple unit and case lots.

Feedback is a good thing
I’m hoping you share your stories with a comment, or unique idea about using these hot sauces as condiments on foods, snacks, fruit or beverage.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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