Mildly Hot sauces 1,000 to 2,499 Scoville Units

Enter the mild

burning candle With these Mildly Hot sauces you can freely play with every flavor since these have mild heat that just about everyone can handle. And that includes newbies, chili wimps or any body eager to try hot sauces but were afraid to do so.

Choose any one or several of these sauces and perform taste tests to see which tickle your palate. Mix with other hotter sauces to create a unique blend all your very own.

Do you fear hot sauces?
Then take a deep breath and prepare for flavor and fun, even  if you’ve never dabbled with hot sauces before. Think of foods you like that you can add these hot sauces straight or in combinations food condiment. You’ll enhance the flavor of every dish you make or recipe you tweak. With heat levels this mild, go wild. Test a variety.

So what happened to you?
If you have had experiences good or bad, I’d like to hear them. Share your original recipes and I’ll publish them, giving you the credit. Include pictures of the finished food item if you can.

Here’s a list to quickly click a review
At the end of this introduction is a list with clickable review links of Mildly Hot  sauces, condiments, BBQ, marinades, wing sauces, salsas and rubs. These sauces are available as single items, in packaged gift sets or multiple unit and case lots. To read a review, just click on it.

I’m constantly adding new reviews and informative articles, so please stop back often.

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