Very Hot sauces 10,000 to 99,000 Scoville


Experimentation is part of the fun
These Very Hot sauces Very Hot sauces 10,000 to 99,000 Scoville have mouth-burning heat levels that most folks prefer and regularly enjoy in their favorite hot sauces in recipes, with favorite foods and snacks.

Many of these very hot sauces can be enjoyed by chilihead wannabees eager to win their wings, and entry-level or seasoned heat seekers.

That’s because they’re aren’t  overpowering and won’t overwhelm the flavors of most foods you mix it with.

And with such a large variety, there’s plenty of opportunity to mix with other sauces to create sauce concoctions matched to your personal taste and heat preferences, creating culinary concoctions truly your own.

Cooler than Super Hot or Extreme, but still hot enough to give you a swift kick in your taste buds
These sauces are somewhat “cooler” than the Super Hot or Extreme categories. “Somewhat” cooler can be a little misleading, because any hot sauce that has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of twice that of a Jalapeno is still pretty dog gone hot, so some caution must be used when handling and adding these hot sauces to foods and recipes.

Time to tell us your close encounters
I’m very interested in the close encounters you’ve had with these very hot sauces , how you use them as food condiments and the results of your experimentation. Leave a comment. Remember the focus here is on flavor and fun.

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