Extremely hot sauces 100,000 to 999,000 Scoville Units


Enter into the world where few fear to tread
These extremely hot sauces are hot . Although not as hot as the volcanic Super Hot sauces, they also must be used with extreme caution. One drop  at a time.

volcano 4 Don’t forget that I use a Jalapeño comparison number of 6,250 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Any hot sauce that rates more than twice the SHU rating rating of a Jalapeño is hot indeed.

You can cautiously experiment when adding these hot sauces to meals, recipes or snacks  or mixed with other sauces to create hot sauces that are yours alone.


Have you had a close encounters with any extremely hot hot sauces?
If you have had any close encounters with any of these hot sauces, please leave a comment. If you use any in food prep we’d all like to know that too. And any recipe you have and would  like to share would be welcomed.

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Extremely Hot Hot Sauces 100,000 – 999,000-Scoville


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